Our Philosophy

Young black males are among the highest unemployed demographic in our nation. We work to combat the systemic barriers, such as mass incarceration and education inequity, that prohibit the success of young black men. Our TAP Leadership students start in middle school and participate throughout college.  We teach them transferrable skills and etiquette along the way. In order to ensure that our TAP Leadership students become effective citizens, we help them gain early employment through our services programs.

Finding The Right Opportunity

We source both immediate short-term and long-term employment opportunities for our program members and graduates.  Our long-standing relationships with our students makes us uniquely qualified to match them to jobs that fit their skill sets.

Cross-Industry Support

We work across several industries including:

  • Sales/Marketing, Engineering
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Education
  • Food Services
  • Hospitality
  • Light Industrial