The Modern Athlete Conference

Date of event: Sunday July 18th 5pm CST
Cost of the conference: Free

Purpose of the conference:
Many athletes believe the only way out of their environment and financial instability is through stereotypical means of playing a sport, becoming an entertainer, or selling narcotics. At TAP, we expose these athletes to people who share the same background. We also understand representation matters, so often these mentors look like them as well. Our main goal is to intentionally change the narrative of black male athletes who are siloed into only being able or allowed to play sports. We encourage them to look beyond the field and the court, which is just a start. These panelists will provide a lived experience in these careers and the various pathways they have taken to get where they are today.

The average NFL player’s career lasts just 2.5 years. The average NBA career is about 4.8 years. Anyone is capable of achieving what they put their mind to including making it to the professional levels of the NBA and NFL, but how long will you stay?

  • What kind of house will I buy my mom or grandma and how can I afford it?
  • Have you thought about how to pick the Right Performance Coach to prepare you physically & mentally?
  • How do I get a job after high school or college? What does my resume need to say? How do I interview?
  • What is the role of the sports agent and how can that define my career?
  • How do I transition into the real world and corporate America?
  • How do I create an app that is marketable and can generate money?

Target Audience: Student-athletes, former athletes, coaches, and parents of students ages 16-26.

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